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About Us

Who We Are
Nestled on the shore of the Delaware River in the rural hamlet of Callicoon, New York, the Delaware Youth Center (a.k.a Delaware Community Center) has been a central part of its surrounding community for over 70 years. And in that time, we’ve had the honor of touching thousands of lives. Whether they learned to swim in our pool, to fly-fish in our creek, had their first dance at our pavilion, or celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in our hall, chances are that if you ask someone in the community what the Delaware Youth Center has done for them, they’ll have a special story to tell.

We’ve been able to provide all these things and more over the years thanks to the support and generosity of our members and donors. Though we do allow everyone to use the playground and grounds, the Youth Center is not a town park, it is funded and intended for use by our Members, so don’t forget to become a Member soon! Treat yourself to the fun and warm memories that membership provides, and ensure that the Delaware Youth Center continues to touch the community for the next 70 years, and beyond.

The Delaware Youth Center offers free wifi to our visitors thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. You’ll see our wifi sponsors posted in the entrance way. Please shop local and make sure to patronize these businesses and thank them when you visit.

The DYC is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Our Mission
The Delaware Youth Center provides a resource to the local community for educational, recreational, and social events that enhance the quality of life.  We provide these opportunities in a beautiful, safe setting along the majestic Delaware River in Callicoon, NY.  With year round activities including adult and youth sports clubs, fitness programs, swim lessons, arts & environmental programs, holiday events, and more, the DYC strives to be the heart of the community.  We believe our primary mission is “Building a stronger community for our children”.

Code of Conduct
With the Mission Statement as a strong foundation the Delaware Youth Center has adopted the following Code of Conduct to be strictly adhered to by all those representing the Youth Center, Board members, Caretaker(s), staff, and volunteers, who will be referred to in this document as “Responsible Personnel”. By maintaining a high level of integrity in their conduct and by avoiding any actions that detract from the reputation of the Youth Center, the Mission and sustainability of the Youth Center will remain protected. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all in this stewardship position to commit to the adherence of this Code of Conduct.

Guiding Principles

  • Youth and adults will have access to the activities of the Delaware Youth Center without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • The Youth Center will protect and promote the rights of everyone involved in activities, especially the right to be treated with respect.
  • All Responsible Personnel must be screened for job appropriateness according to policy.
  • All Responsible Personnel must contribute to providing a safe environment for everyone.
  • As representatives of the Youth Center, Responsible Personnel must never conduct themselves in a manner that would reflect poorly on the reputation of the Youth Center.
  • The privacy of all those served must be safeguarded. It is a violation to share confidential information concerning any youth or adult with anyone who doesn’t have a need to know.  The need to know standard refers to sharing information only with personnel who have direct responsibility for the care of the person involved.
  • All Responsible Personnel must fulfill their roles and responsibilities in a professional manner. Cursing, intimidating language or behavior, or any conduct that interferes with the Youth Center’s values, will not be tolerated.

Honesty and Lawful Conduct
Everyone associated with the Delaware Youth Center must avoid all illegal conduct and perform activities within the rules and regulations of the Town and State.  Responsible Personnel must comply with the Code of Conduct and all policies and procedures of the Center and attempt to avoid any appearance of impropriety.  All behavior must be conducted in an open and honest manner.

Cooperation with the Code of Conduct
In order to ensure that the Code of Conduct is being adhered to, all personnel and volunteers must commit themselves to the values and principles that are reflected in the Code.  By working together in a cooperative manner, the Mission and commitment to those served will be preserved.  Therefore, when there is a need to investigate alleged impropriety, staff and volunteers must cooperate in the process.  Everyone must also commit to correcting any improper practices that are identified by immediately bringing such matters to the Board Member responsible for the program/activity or another member of the Board of Directors.

Intimidation or Retaliation
Under no circumstances will there be any kind of retaliation against anyone who in good faith reports possible impropriety.  It is forbidden for personnel and volunteers to intimidate, retaliate, or provide a hostile environment against anyone who has reported an alleged wrongdoing or who has participated or cooperated in the investigation of such matters.

Everyone who participates in activities at the Youth Center and all staff and volunteers must be assured that they can fulfill their responsibilities in a hostile free environment.  Verbal, physical, or sexual harassment violates the Harassment Policy and must never be tolerated.  Allegations of any form of harassment must be reported to the Board Member responsible for the program/activity or another member of the Board of Directors.

The safety and protection of all youth and adults at the Youth Center is the highest priority.  Therefore, everyone should be vigilant in refraining from any form of abusive behavior, including sexual contact, physical threats/conduct, or verbal remarks that damage self-esteem. Such conduct is illegal and will never be tolerated.  Any indication that possible abuse has occurred must be reported immediately to the Board Member responsible for the program/activity or another member of the Board of Directors.  Determination, according to policy, will be made whether local or state authorities need to be informed of the allegation.

It is the policy of the Youth Center that no Responsible Personnel be alone with a youth in an area not visible to other people. Bathrooms and rooms for changing clothes are examples of this.

Any observations made by Responsible Personnel that raise concerns as to possible abuse should be reported to the Board Member responsible for the program/activity or another member of the Board of Directors.  This includes statements made by a child that imply abuse has taken place.  All such information is confidential and must not be shared except with the Board Member responsible for the program/activity or another member of the Board of Directors and anyone who is involved in the investigation of such matter.

Dress Code
All Responsible Personnel must dress appropriately by wearing clothes that are clean, non-suggestive, and appropriate to their role at the Youth Center.

Use of Personal Vehicles
Under no circumstances should Responsible Personnel, during the hours of the summer program, transport a youth or adult participating in the Center activities in their own vehicle.

In order to ensure the Youth Center is safe for everyone involved, no one is permitted to carry a weapon on the property of the Youth Center except law enforcement officials.

Youth Center Property
The property of the Youth Center must be respected by everyone.  Use of the property by Responsible Personnel is solely for the purpose of fulfilling the mission of the Youth Center.  Using the property, borrowing, or taking items from the facility without permission is not acceptable.  Property includes, but is not limited to, all items used in activities, chairs, tables, outdoor equipment, cash, and computers.

As stakeholders and stewards of the Delaware Youth Center, all Responsible Personnel must conduct themselves as role models to the youth and adults who are actively engaged in activities.  Providing a safe environment, free of abuse and harassment, will ensure the Delaware Youth Center will contribute meaningfully to the lives of future generations for many years to come. Any matters of concern should be reported to Summer Program Director or the Board of Directors of the DYC.